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  O.V.Khabarova, S.V.Kuzin, S.A.Bogachev, A.A.Pertsov,
"Variations of solar emission flux in the spectral ranges 175 A and 304 A and their correlation with solar wind parameters". Solar System Research, Volume 40, Issue 4, pp.341-347, 2006.
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  S.A.Bogachev, S.V.Kuzin, I.A.Zhitnik, A.M.Urnov, V.V.Grechnev,
" Dynamics of High-Temperature Plasma in the Solar Corona Using Spirit Observations in the MgXII 8.42 A line ". Solar System Research, Volume 39, Issue 6, pp.508-512, 2005.
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  V.A.Slemzin, S.V.Kuzin, I.A.Zhitnik, J.-P.Delaboudiniere, F.Auchère , A.N.Zhukov, R. van der Linden, O.I.Bugaenko, A.P.Ignat'ev, A.V.Mitrofanov, A.A.Pertsov, S.N.Oparin, A.I.Stepanov, A.N.Afanas'ev,
" Observations of Solar EUV Radiation with the CORONAS-F/SPIRIT and SOHO/EIT Instruments ". Solar System Research, Volume 39, Issue 6, pp.489-500, 2005.

  I.M.Chertok, V.V.Grechnev, V.A.Slemzin, S.V.Kuzin, O.I.Bugaenko, I.A.Zhitnik, A.P.Ignat'ev, A.A.Pertsov, J.-P.Delaboudiniere,
" Manifestations of Coronal Mass Ejections in the EUV Range from Data of the CORONAS-F/SPIRIT Telescope ". Solar System Research, Volume 39, Issue 6, pp.462-469, 2005.

  I.A.Zhitnik, S.V.Kuzin, I.I.Sobelman, O.I.Bugaenko, A.P.Ignat'ev, A.V.Mitrofanov, S.N.Oparin, A.A.Pertsov, V.A.Slemzin, N.K.Suhodrev, A.M.Urnov,
" Main Results of the SPIRIT Experiment Onboard the CORONAS-F Satellite ". Solar System Research, Volume 39, Issue 6, pp.442-452, 2005.

  I.A.Zhitnik, S.V.Kuzin, A.M.Urnov, I.L.Beigman, S.A.Bozhenkov, I.Yu.Tolstikhina,
" Extreme vacuum ultraviolet solar spectra obtained during the SPIRIT experiment aboard CORONAS-F: A catalog of lines in the range 280 330 AA ". Astronomy Letters, vol. 31, Issue 1, p.37-56, 2005.

  O.Panasenco, I.S.Veselovsky, A.V.Dmitriev, A.N.Zhukov, O.S.Yakovchouk, I.A.Zhitnik, A.P.Ignat'ev, S.V.Kuzin, A.A.Pertsov, V.A.Slemzin, S.I.Boldyrev, E.P.Romashets, A.I.Stepanov, O.I.Bugaenko, V.Bothmer, S.Koutchmy, A.Adjabshirizadeh, Z.Fazel, S.Sobhanian,
"Solar origins of intense geomagnetic storms in 2002 as seen by the CORONAS-F satellite ". Advances in Space Research, Volume 36, Issue 8, p. 1595-1603, 2005.
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  V.A.Slemzin, I.A.Zhitnik, S.A.Bogachev, A.P.Ignat'ev, S.V.Kuzin, A.A.Pertsov, S.N.Oparin, V.V.Grechnev, I.M.Chertok, D.V.Lisin,
" EUV-observations of CME-associated eruptive phenomena with the CORONAS-F/SPIRIT telescope/ spectroheliograph ". Proceedings of IAU Symp. 226 on CORONAL AND STELLAR MASS EJECTIONS, September 13-17, 2004, Beijing, China 47, 2005.

  V.N.Borovik, V.V.Grechnev, O.I.Bugaenko, S.A.Bogachev, I.Y.Grigorieva, S.V.Kuzin, S.V.Lesovoi, M.A.Livshits, A.A.Pertsov, G.V.Rudenko, V.A.Slemzin, A.I.Stepanov, K.Shibasaki, A.M.Uralov, V.G.Zandanov, I.A.Zhitnik,
"Observations of a posteruptive arcade on October 22, 2001 with CORONAS-F, other spaceborne telescopes, and in microwaves ". Proceedings of IAU Symp. 226 on CORONAL AND STELLAR MASS EJECTIONS, September 13-17, 2004, Beijing, China, 2005.

  V.V.Grechnev, I.S.Veselovsky, V.A.Slemzin, S.V.Kuzin, A.P.Ignat'ev, A.A.Pertsov, I.A.Zhitnik, J.-P.Delaboudiniere, F.Auchère ,
" CORONAS-F/SPIRIT EUV observations of October-November 2003 solar eruptive events in combination with SOHO/EIT data ". Journal of Geophysical Research, Volume 110, Issue A9, CiteID A09S07, 2005.
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