Workshop place

Lebedev Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

Address:119991, Leninski prospekt 53, Moscow, Russia
Google Map:Leninski prospekt, 53

Scientific sessions

1. The sun from radio to gamma rays — new results from space and ground based observatories
2. Solar observations with high temporal and spatial resolution — new look from SDO and Hi-C
3. Towards the sun: InterHelioProbe, Solar Orbiter, Solar-C
5. At the forefront of solar physics: solar flares and CMEs
6. The sun as a star: solar cycle and space weather

Scientific and Organizing Committee

S.V. Kuzin (LPI RAS, Russia) chair
V.D. Kuznetsov (IZMIRAN, Russia)
V.A. Slemzin (LPI RAS, Russia)
B.V. Somov (SAI MSU, Russia)
J. Sylwester (SRC-PAN, Poland)

Important dates

Novbember 5, 2016 Deadline for letter of invitation request
November 18, 2016 Deadline for registration and abstract submission
November 25, 2016 Publication of the workshop's program

Registration fee

Registration — 1800 rub (~ $55; ~ €40) — welcome receiption is included
Banquet — 1500 rub (~ $46; ~ €33)

Local organizing committee

S. Bogachev — head
S. Shestov — deputy head
S. Popova
A. Kirichenko
A. Reva
A. Ulyanov

Tel/Fax: +7 499 1326597